Interrail part 12…Belgium

From Maastricht I took the final 2 intercity trains of my european interrail journey. This photo is when I changed trains at Leige Guillemins station, which happened to be probably the most colourful train station of my whole trip.

So I reached Brussels as the final city on my trip, here is shots around the Grand Place, first showing the old houses, some of which date back to the 14th century.

Here looking towards the Musee de la ville de Bruxelles, as the sun was starting to go down.

Belgium is known for creating lots of cartoons over the years. Nowadays many murals have been created around the city to showcase the cartoon art in buildings. I had a map to follow and saw lots of the buildings like below.

Across the city in Brussels, this art deco mansion is now home to a small art gallery. It has been restored to wonderful condition, complete with swimming pool and well kept gardens.

On my final night in Brussels, and the last night of my entire Europe trip, I went out with a couple of people from the hostel. We walked around the city having some drinks and found a good spot with some live jazz music being played. Which was a great way to end my 2 months around Europe.

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