Interrail part 8…Czechia

I took another comfortsable night train down from Warsaw in Poland to Prague, Czechia. I did not stay in Prague, having already previously visited a few years ago, so after a stop for breakfast another train took me west to Plzeň. Famous ofcourse for beer, and I wanted to do the brewery tour, but having not booked in advance the english tour was sold out. I still got to visit the Brewery museum and did an interesting underground tour.

Plzeň has a large main square with the Cathedral of St Bartholomew shown above. Below I enjoyed a good lunch of sausages with a pretzel and beer after seeing the brewery museum. Plzeň receives a fraction of the toursits that Prague gets, and it was a much more quite pleasant town to visit.

From Plzeň it was 2 trains, via Ceske Budejovice, to the very, very scenic village of Cseky Krumlov. The village is busy in the day with day trippers, however it becomes much quieter in the evening, so it is worth staying here to fully enjoy the picturesque village.

This is the view looking back from the castle that overlooks the village across the bend in the river.

Some more beautiful shots of Cesky Krumlov, it is definitely in the top five of prettiest places in Europe I have visited.

Finally I would recomend this small museum, Fotoatelier Seidel. I found it very interesting the history of how it become the home and photography studio. The house/museum has been well preserved and restored, with the studio on the top floor still used today, you can see all the glass to let the light in.

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